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    Psycho-educational Assessment for Children/Adolescents

    If your child is struggling with her school work, she might have an underlying learning disability that has not been properly identified. A psycho-educational assessment may be required when a student is lagging behind in certain subjects such as reading, writing or Math. A psycho-educational assessment can show the areas that hinder the student’s ability to learn properly and it can provide recommendations for additional remedial instruction.


    The psycho-educational assessment usually helps identify the following issues:

    • Learning Disability
    • Reading Disability (Dyslexia)
    • Cognitive & Language Impairment
    • Executive Functions Deficits
      (i.e. Attention/concentration, Memory Skills)
    • Emotional Self Regulation
    • Gifted Assessment


    As a college student, you might find yourself constantly procrastinating handing in your
    assignments or writing your essays. You might have great ideas but have a hard time committing them onto paper, or it may be hard for you to concentrate, process and learn new concepts efficiently. Moreover, you might struggle with emotional issues that affect your ability to focus and learn properly.


    If you struggle with any of these issues, you might need to arrange a psychological or psycho-educational assessment that can help identify any issues that disrupt your learning process. Once these issues are identified (i.e. learning disability, attention deficit disorder, psychological distress), then you can seek support from your college to offer proper accommodation for your learning needs.

    Our Team at

    psychological Assessment Center


    Director of the Psychological Assessment Centre of Toronto (PACT)

    Dr. Gholamain is the director of the Psychological Assessment Centre of Toronto (PACT). She is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Ontario Psychological Association, and Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. In 1998, she obtained her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Toronto. Throughout her professional career, she has worked in various clinical and academic settings including the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. As a private consultant, Dr. Gholamain has provided psychological consultation for various community legal clinics, mental health and government organizations.


    Dr. Gholamain has over 20 years of clinical, research, and supervisory experience in the areas of educational psychology, language development, and trauma intervention. In particular, she specializes in the treatment and assessment of psychological trauma caused by traumatic injuries/illnesses, domestic and/or criminal violence, and post-traumatic distress caused by war and displacement.


    Registered Psychologist – Counselling and Rehabilitation Psychology

    Dr. Cathy Chilly is a Registered Psychologist, licensed to provide services in Clinical, Counselling and Rehabilitation Psychology to adults. Dr. Chilly attained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at York University after completing formal studies of psychological assessment, diagnostics, and psychotherapy treatment. She has teaching and research experience in the applied fields of Clinical and Rehabilitation psychology.


    Most notably, Dr. Chilly has over 20 years of practice experience in hospital settings, multidisciplinary clinics, and private practice. Dr. Chilly has particular experience in the psychological evaluation and treatment of individuals who have sustained motor vehicle collisions, workplace injuries, and those who suffer from medical and chronic pain conditions. At PACT, Dr. Chilly provides Psycho-vocational assessment services.


    School and Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Zimmerman has over 15 years experience as a school and clinical psychologist, and has supervised trainees in both areas of practice.

    Since 2001, Dr. Zimmerman has worked at the Toronto District School Board, conducting psycho-educational assessments and consultations for students in elementary and high school. Dr. Zimmerman has a particular interest in Learning Disabilities related to reading and spelling. She has conduced research in early literacy, presented professional development workshops and consulted with colleagues and teachers on the theoretical foundations, assessment, and remediation of written language disorders.


    Dr. Zimmerman’s clinical experience includes assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults. She has worked as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor for Enterphase Child and Family Services, and currently maintains a part-time private practice


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