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    Psycho-Educational Assessments

    This assessment provides insight into the cognitive abilities of a student in terms of math, writing and reading as well as social and emotional skills along with memory and learning functions.
    Assessments are provided to:


    • Children
    • Adolescents
    • University and college students

    In some cases psychological distress can be a result of learning problems. A psycho-educational assessment can show the areas that are hindering the ability of the student to learn and can provide recommendations for additional remedial instruction.

    Assessments can also be provided to gifted students that need to have an assessment done to qualify for certain programs.

    The assessment will take into account the following areas:

    • Social and emotional skills
    • Learning and memory skills
    • Cognitive ability
    • Achievement skills
    • Executive functions

    Psychological Assessments

    A psychological assessment may include the following:

    • Psychometric testing
    • Clinical interviews
    • Report preparations
    • Examinations of mental status
    • Objective measures
    • Self-report questionnaires

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    Types of Assessments

    We can provide the following types of assessments:

    • Psycho-educational assessments
    • Disability psychological assessments
    • Legal psychological assessments

    Disability Psychological Assessments

    This assessment investigates the psychological effects produced by debilitating chronic illnesses, motor vehicle accidents and injuries in the workplace.

    Any of the above can lead to instability and disorientation.
    People with chronic disabilities are often suffering a loss of personal meaning while those with a serious illness or injury may suffer from the following:

    • Chronic pain
    • Flashbacks
    • Constant worry
    • Anxiety
    • Apathy
    • Dissociation

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    Legal Psychological Assessments

    A legal psychological assessment consists of an evaluation of an individual for legal proceeding such as:

    • Petty crimes
    • Physical assaults
    • Refugee/immigration cases
    • Much more

    Sometimes an assessment is required in order to provide more information about an individual that is in the middle of a legal proceeding. In the case of refugee or immigration hearings, a person may be dealing with traumatic experiences that occurred in the original country, which have led him to seek asylum for political or social reasons.


    In other cases, criminal activities may be linked to psychological issues. The costs for this type of assessment may be covered by the individual involved, a legal clinic or by the judicial system.


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    Psycho-Vocational Assessments

    This type of assessment provides an insight into the psychological/personality function, transferable skills, interests and aptitudes of a person in terms of work.

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    • Re-evaluating or planning your career direction
    • Unable to go back to your career path due to psychological or physical health issues
    • Transitioning in your role at work

    The psycho-vocational assessment investigates the following traits:
    Call now if you have experienced:

    • Work aptitudes
    • Vocational interests
    • Intellectual capacity
    • Work skills that are transferable
    • Psychological and personality function in the workplace

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