Disability Assessment Toronto

Disability Psychological Assessment

  • Chronic and debilitating illness
  • Traumatic workplace injury
  • Motor vehicle accident


A serious injury or illness could be a traumatic experience that can lead to significant instability and psychological disorientation. A chronic disability can be a life changing experience that can result in loss of personal meaning and self efficacy. Those who have suffered a serious injury or illness may experience chronic pain, feelings of apathy, dissociation, flashbacks, chronic anxiety, hyper vigilance, and constant worries about their physical vulnerability and their ability to work.


Serious, ongoing psychological distress can interfere with a person’s ability to perform their functional responsibilities at work. Oftentimes, a psychological assessment is required by third party service providers (i.e. Insurance companies, work place) to identify a person’s overall level of psychological functioning and their capacity to carry out their duties at work.


A disability psychological assessment draws on various sources of information such as clinical interviews, mental status examination, and objective psychometric measures in order to determine a person’s overall psychological functioning and their capacity for productive work. Results of disability assessment could be used to provide treatment recommendations for psychological recovery.

Psychological assessment for Disability

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Disability Psychological Assessment Toronto