Legal Psychological Assessment

At times, individuals may be involved in a legal proceeding and a psychological assessment is required to shed light on the case. For instance, a psychological assessment might be needed for an immigration or refugee hearing. The individual might have experienced past traumatic experiences in their country of origin that have affected their overall psychological well being and have motivated them to seek asylum due to personal, social or political reasons.


In other cases, a person may have been exposed to acts of physical and/or sexual assault and a psychological assessment might be mandated by the court to determine the psychological effects of trauma. Yet in other situations, a person might be involved in criminal activities that might be motivated by psychological issues (i.e. compulsive shop lifting, petty crimes, etc).


In these cases, an initial consultation would be set up to determine whether we can offer a helpful understanding of an individual’s motives and psychological concerns. If we can identify underlying psychological issues that might be relevant to the case, then we would proceed to conduct a comprehensive psychological assessment and provide the results in a report.


The cost for a legal psychological assessment may be covered by the judicial system, legal clinics or the individual involved in the legal proceeding.