Psycho-educational Assessment for ADHD

Psycho-educational Assessment

At our center, we specialize in offering psycho-educational assessment of children, adolescents and college/university students.

Occasionally, leaning problems may be the root cause of a student’s psychological distress. Learning difficulties can undermine one’s sense of self efficacy and personal confidence. A psycho-educational assessment can determine specific areas of concern that interfere with a student’s ability to learn and it offers appropriate educational recommendations for remedial instruction or accommodation. Sometimes, students with gifted abilities also need to undergo an assessment in order to qualify for appropriate educational programs.


At our clinic, we not only evaluate a student’s cognitive and academic/achievement skills but we also offer an understanding of emotional issues that might undermine his/her ability to learn.


A typical psycho-educational assessment involves the exploration of the following areas


  • Cognitive Ability

  • Achievement Skills ( Reading, Writing, Mathematics)

  • Memory and Learning Skills

  • Executive Functions (Behavioral & Emotional self regulation, Goal directed activity, Planning and Organization, Task Orientation)

  • Emotional & Social Skills


At the end of the process, the assessment findings will be presented in a comprehensive psycho-educational report.

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