Psycho-educational/Psychological Assessment for College Students

By the time students reach high school or enroll in university, they have mostly mastered basic reading and writing skills. However, they might still be hampered in their ability to read fluently, process information efficiently, or write in a coherent and persuasive way.

As students move up in grades, they are required to learn and process more complex, abstract information; they are expected to generate original ideas and write essays that are thematically coherent, logical and meaningful.

As a college student, you might struggle with reading comprehension, essay composition, efficient note taking during lectures or experience problems with some aspect of executive functions (i.e. organizational skills, study skills, self regulation, etc). A psycho-educational assessment can help identify areas of concern and offer recommendations for proper educational accommodation (For more detailed information on psycho-educational assessment read the previous blog).

Psychological Assessment for College Students

Sometimes, as a college/university student you might experience debilitating psychological issues that interfere with your ability to perform well academically. For instance, you might delay working on an assignment until last minute; you may have a hard time committing your ideas onto paper or you edit and revise your writing excessively. You are constantly looking for the perfect phrase or word that could fully convey your ideas or you feel compelled to understand every detail of what you read. Sometimes, even though you know the material, you go blank when you are writing a test. These are some obvious signs of emotional distress that prevents you from being mentally alert and emotionally grounded.

If you experience any of these issues, you might consider a psychological assessment that could help identify any psychological concerns that affect your academic performance. The assessment results will be presented in a psychological report with appropriate recommendation for academic accommodation.

Dr. M. Gholamain,

Ph.D. C. Psych

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